Building Hyatt São Paulo’s Social Media Presence

Posted by Annia Vuolo June 28th, 2010

Edelman Digital Brazil has been working for the Grand Hyatt São Paulo since 2009, when the team created official profiles on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to establish relationships with users and engage with bloggers.

Edelman develops tips and trivia about where to hang out in São Paulo, concerts, movies, and encourages conversations about all the subjects related to the Hotel like its restaurants, the spa, the pub and the wine festivals. We want to position Hyatt as a credible source for wine and food.

Hyatt prefers to work with Facebook as it has a high-end audience – in Brazil they tend to be more on Facebook than Orkut. Several cultural contests were promoted on Facebook and Twitter and the winners could experience one of the Hotel’s services.

We also engage with bloggers that talk about Entertainment, Tourism and Beauty.  We invited blogger Liliane Ferrari to stay at the hotel for a weekend to support the International Women’s Day. As a result of this relationship the blogger, who is a great influencer, became an ambassadress for Hyatt.

Edelman is now expanding the project with Hyatt and developing a portal that will be launched in the second half of 2010 to bring information about Traveling, Beauty, Wellness, Wine, Cooking, Music, celebrities that stayed at Hyatt and other interesting subjects.

Success was proved in the first quarter of 2010 when the @GrandHyatt_SP gained 26% more followers and the interaction with the profile through replies, messages and re-tweets increased 213%. The number of people who “like” Hyatt’s Fan Page on Facebook grew 74% and the number of interactions also increased 37%. Tourism is the fastest growing online niche in Brazil and there’s an enormous potential to leverage Hyatt.

Hyatt Digital team is led by Annia Vuolo with the support of Thais Silva and the coordination of Thiane Loureiro.

Edelman, São Paulo
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